Sometimes the most spiritual of journeys help us return to the rhythm of our own heartbeat


In Stalking the Sacred—a powerful and evocative memoir that follows the story of one woman’s quest to understand what comes after death—you are welcomed into the enchanting and stunning world of shamanism, Celtic mythology, and the tribes of the Ecuadorian rainforest.

After a series of losses, Dolan was determined to connect with her spiritual roots and access the deep wells of her emotional capabilities to understand what happens after death.

What follows is a stunning portrait of a woman who fearlessly faces the spirit world with an open mind and an open heart, allowing the unknown to educate her and inspire her.

Written with candor, humor, and warmth, Stalking the Sacred drops all pretenses and receives you into a reality where talking to animals, trees, or the dead is commonplace. 

All of us are on a spiritual journey, whether we realize it or not. Stalking the Sacred will invite you to explore all the breathtaking possibilities that await you…and the steadfast rhythm of your heart.

Stalking the Sacred
By Patricia Dolan