Teaching is my passion. It thrills me to bear witness to my students growing in their craft and finding their unique artistic voices. Students come to work with me when they want to loosen up, become more expansive in their exploration of color. And find their authentic voices.

My studies and experiences in Shamanic spiritual practices have greatly influenced my own art and teaching in expressive drawing, pastel painting, travel drawing, intuitive color, and the spirit of animals and nature. The following classes are offered locally. If you are interested in sponsoring one of my workshops, please contact me. Contact me or check my Facebook page for more info.

Spirit of Animals Workshop

Discover your personal guardian animal spirit using simple practices used by our indigenous ancestors. Students will be introduced to shamanic journeying as a way through drumming to awaken spiritual abilities including connection to power animals. Experiment with different approaches in drawing with various media including charcoal, ink, pastel, and watercolor. Painting your animal spirit is a way to honor it and your connection.

Mandala Workshop

Mandalas are geometric combinations that create a unified whole. Simple universal shapes become sacred images that have the power to transform. In Sanskrit, Mandala means circle and in every culture the circle symbolizes wholeness and the experience of unity. Any way you draw or paint a Mandala is perfect. There are no shoulds. The workshop is based on the work of cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien’s book, Signs of Life, as well as the work of Carl Jung. I have used drawing Mandalas as a way to get back to art making when I had stopped making art for a while and feel a bit stymied. Drawing Mandalas are a way to get back to yourself.

Come enjoy an afternoon of exploration and play.  All levels welcome (no drawing experience needed).

Drawing as Zen Meditation

Drawing is a practice in slowing down, quieting ourselves and shifting the focus from our minds to the world around us. As we get in touch with the visible world we also get in touch with ourselves.  The emphasis is on the process of looking not the product. All levels, including the beginner beginner. Bring sketchbook, 4B pencil and felt tip pen.

Spirit of Nature Workshop

Discover how to connect to the spirits of tree and plants using simple practices used by our indigenous ancestors. By approaching making art as a spiritual practice one quiets the ego and allows moments of connection and ecstasy. When we see this way we infuse energy and liveliness into our work. Using exercises in mediation and journeying to infuse our drawings and paintings with the spirit of place. Color media including pastel, watercolor, gouache, and acrylic.

Ignite Your Creativity

While listening to music, moving your body, making marks, lines, shapes you will bypass your inner voice/critic and get into the space of fun and exploration. All welcome. No drawing experience necessary just willingness to experiment, loosen up and discover a new joyful creative part of you.